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A Guide For Visiting The Best Strip Clubs In Philadelphia!

If you are in Philadelphia, either for work or for a personal trip, you can certainly make a long list of to-dos. One of the fun ideas would be to visit a strip club. Adult entertainment clubs, such as Bucks Cabaret in Philadelphia are quite famed for overall value for money. These are known for incredible strippers, awesome ambience, and great music. On a boring Friday night, you can spend wee hours enjoying the company of beautiful ladies. In this post, we are sharing a few things that are worth knowing about strip clubs.

Know the rules

Certain strip club rules are pretty basic – You cannot take a photo of nude strippers, for example. However, the list of dos and don’ts can vary, and if this is your first time at a particular club, there is no harm in asking. You can always call the club and ask the basic details.

Step in early evening

Many strip clubs in Philadelphia are open from lunch onwards, and if you want to avoid the rush, step in early. From 6 pm onwards, people start coming, so you can step in ahead and enjoy your own time with the strippers.

Be ready to tip generously

This is something that’s almost unavoidable. If you want the strippers to come back to you, get close, or simply do a move, you have to pay. The big question remains -How much should you tip? It depends. You can take a cue from others, but at the least, we would say $5, or $10, depending on the place.

Don’t forget to play nice

The best strip clubs also deploy the best bouncers. Don’t try to touch the girls, especially if she has asked you to stop. Strippers are entertainers and they are here to make money. However, don’t assume them to be escorts. Even a lap dance is just a dance, and nothing more.

Enjoy a lap dance

If you are in a Philadelphia strip club, you have to try the lap dance. The full-nude dance can be a big expensive, but is worth the money spent. You can consider paying the DJ, who can play a song of your choice. Some clubs do have special rooms, but make sure that you don’t try to touch the lady, without her permission.

Finally, bring in the booze. The fun of strip clubs would be incomplete without some booze, and many clubs in Philadelphia do allow guests to bring in alcohol and kegs. Ask in advance.

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