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Buying A Subwoofer

Things to consider

When a client finally settles on buying a subwoofer, going for the best is what they will want. It is understandable because everyone will always want a perfect thing. When it comes to choosing the best subwoofer, clients have an endless list of models to choose from as they wish. Even better, many companies with renowned prowess when it comes to sound systems are there to choose from based on preference and class.

One of the renowned companies with some of the best subwoofers is the ELAC. What makes the company outstanding is its commitment to making the best sound in the world. Their passion for music and fascination with sound makes them aggressive regarding the delivery of top-notch products. For a client considering buying a subwoofer from them or only learning about their unique and indispensable products, should consider this link elac.com/category/home-theater-speakers/, from where they can choose from an endless list of products.

Here are some things to consider before buying a subwoofer anywhere and, most notably, with the ELAC’S.


One of the most crucial things to consider on a subwoofer is the size. Ideally, the larger the surface area, the deeper the sound will be, the more extensive the box, the more air, and louder bass is produced. As such, a buyer who needs a device that has a tighter, richer sounding bass should go for a small-sized subwoofer. On the other hand, clients who need a more in-depth and louder sound must go for the larger device. Subwoofers are generally available in four sizes, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, and 15 inches.


It is also prudent to consider the closet as this will determine the class. Subwoofers generally come in a wooden cabinet that comes in two kinds of builds, sealed and vented. A subwoofer with a sealed enclosure works to produce tight, accurate bass as there is no place for air to move in or out. On the contrary, vented or ported enclosures operate to deliver the maximum output from the subwoofer. They are suitable for making sound with deeper bass. In this enclosure, vents are used to reinforce low bass frequencies, but to do so, their accuracy takes a hit.


Considering the speaker’s power handling capacity is essential as not all subwoofers can receive the same amount of energy. By this, it is a good idea for buyers to ensure that the subwoofer in question matches the amplifier. That said, for plenty of basses, going for a powered subwoofer with built-in amps and driver is considered advisable.


There are two types of subwoofer designs, down-firing, and side-firing. As the name suggests, a down-firing subwoofer points downwards, whereas a side-firing subwoofer tends to protrude in the front or sides.

Taking all these considerations, it is excellent not to have all of these. Moreover, ELAC’s subwoofers tend to be more superior and versatile and feature more than just the details in this article. Therefore for further information about their products, consider their website here, elac.com/category/home-theater-speakers/.

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