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Confused With The Selection of Professionals For Hot Air Balloon Rides – Here’s How

Though hot air balloon rides are one in a lifetime opportunity to grab it when it comes, safety should also be your priority. The ride can be very challenging and can put your life at risk if the company is not well-known or recognised. The professional company might seem to be expensive but spending extra bucks will not let you repent later.

Here’s a brief that will help you in selecting a hot air balloon company and ease your confusion.

Licensed operator

The Investigation results show that there many hot air balloon operators including some small firms. Hence before booking any hot air balloon packages in Vegas, you should check whether the company has the required license to operate with detailed places. Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon ride company is fully owned, insured and licensed to operate for more than 20 years. It is recommended that you should deal directly with the owners instead of ride brokers.


The experience of the company in commercial hot air balloon riding is very important. Besides, you should even enquire the name of the pilots and their overall experience in riding the hot air balloon. As per the Federal Aviation / Ballon Federation, the pilot should have flying experience of more than 35 hours. Bigger the figure the better your safety especially during unforeseen climatic conditions.

Ask for the license

Mere verbal assurance of having a license is not enough. The professional provides the license copy of the company as well as of pilots even if not asked for. Hence if you approach the company to ask for the physical copy – it is not a big deal for them to provide.

Refer logbook

The professional maintain the logbook of each flight, the maintenance schedule of the hot air balloon, the inspection dates and so on. Though this might be too technical for you as a layman you would be able to understand the quality and service provided by the company.

Check the operations

Visit the launching site of the company to check the operations and working of the flights. The professional approach and planning of the operations will help you in deciding how well the company is operating.

Safety precautions

The most important of all is the safety of the passengers. Check the cancellation details and cross tally with the weather conditions. This will provide an idea about the company’s operating principle – whether it is putting money first or safety first.

Check reviews

The reviews, references and experience of the past flyers and friends can be deciding factor in choosing the right company.

Thus, to have a pleasant, enjoyable and utmost safe ride of your hot air balloon, selection of the right company should be a priority. Even if you don’t get your schedule timing, having a little bit of waiting period should not be an issue.

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