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Finding the Best Podcasts for Your Commute 

In today’s technologically-advanced society, it’s becoming increasingly common to listen to podcasts as entertainment in place of music or the radio. The free audio/interview-style programs can be streamed on mobile phones and computers while people are at the gym, cleaning their house, or in most cases, in the car/on the train on their commute to work. There is something about listening to people talk about a topic that one is particularly interested in and feeling like the conversation is happening live through their headphones. When one is not in the mood to listen to music and does not want to listen to the radio full of commercials and advertisements, podcasts are a great alternative and it is all about finding the right one(s).

The New Radio: Listening to Podcasts on the Way to Work

When it comes to discovering the best podcasts for your commute, it can be as simple as searching online for the top results for a certain topic. Especially with the connectivity that social media platforms bring today, there are endless ways to find the popular podcasts that people are talking about online. One of the most popular TV shows of recent years is HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Hundreds of tweets come in daily about podcasts that fans make in response to episodes of the show and this could be a nice way to catch up or hear additional commentary/opinions on it while commuting. If one is interested in finding the best podcasts for a show like this, it can be beneficial to read reviews, ratings, and descriptions of the podcasts that come up online and then picking the best option from there. Most podcasts can be streamed on Soundcloud, Apple Music/Podcasts, and are many times posted on YouTube after the fact, so it may be helpful to start the search there.

Aside from TV shows, there are also a variety of podcasts out there that discuss important current events, conspiracy theories, and appeal to a younger generation of audiences that enjoy listening to their favorite YouTubers or celebrities converse. On the way to work, listening to a podcast discussing the news in a nonchalant, friendly way can be a refreshing way to start the morning so it is informative yet still entertaining instead of watching news channels report information that can be tough to digest when political, social, or environmental issues are heavy that day. Locating the podcasts that fit this bill can definitely be done by talking to friends to see what podcasts help them stay updated on current issues or once again, by reading opinions and reviews by people on social media that share what they listen to on a daily basis. Conspiracy theories and YouTube have been intertwined recently and many popular YouTubers have taken what they once talked about on their channel and turned it into a podcast that their subscribers can tune into to wherever and whenever they please. This is a way of staying updated on the sources of entertainment that are popular but also touch on ideas that are important and layered.

All in all, it comes down to preference when deciding which podcasts are most appropriate to listen to while commuting to work. There are hundreds of results that will come up when searching for the most well-rounded ones for all sorts of topics, be it television, music, Broadway, pop culture, news, conspiracies, and more. While the Internet has its flaws, it has become the number one way to stay updated and connected in today’s fast-paced world.

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