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Fun And Frolic In NYC: Try Some Of These Ideas!

No amount of time is enough to explore NYC. This is one of the most loved, visited, and historic cities in the US, and you can always spend a couple of more days than what you have planned. If you plan to see a more fun side of the city, we have a few ideas that you may want to try.

Plan a jazz night

Jazz’s influence on Rock & Roll, literature and many other aspects of history cannot be denied, and there is no way that you can miss a jazz night in the city. Jazz clubs in NYC are pretty famed, and you have more choices that most other cities. Some of the clubs have numerous shows, concerts and special events every week or so, often featuring some of the best contemporary artists. We strongly recommend that you explore this genre with some wine and signature NY food for company.

Take trapeze lessons

If you are in mood for some fun, you must consider taking trapeze lessons here in NYC. There are options worth considering, and the batches are usually small with no more than ten people. Classes are customized, but expect to spend at least an hour or more, enjoying the experience of flying or something close to it. A great idea for adventure seekers!

Try a food tour

L&B Spumoni Gardens, Di Fara, and Joe’s are some of the most loved and enjoyable pizzerias in NYC, but there’s much more that you can try. Try from authentic Italian cuisine at the much-famed Little Italy, to sushi and more. NYC is one city where you can find food choices from most regions, and the good part is there are many organized tours available, which is an advantage.

Don’t miss the baseball

If you are a fan of the sport, enjoying a Mets or Yankees game during summer is an absolute must. The experience is different here, because the rivals get mad at the slightest things. You can grab as many beers as you want and enjoy with the fans. Even when you have no clue of the rules, it is just adventurous to see the love for the sport.

Finally, do make sure to book your show tickets in advance. Besides the Broadway shows, even some of the jazz concert tickets sell off quicker than hot cakes, and it is wise to avoid disappointment if you are interested in something specific.

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