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How To Become Big On Soundcloud?

The number one network for new music artists is definitely SoundCloud. Even though a lot of people are connected to different networks, the place to be if you consider yourself a young artist is definitely SoundCloud.

However, becoming big there is not easy. There are thousands of music talents all trying to break through. The community is supportive but it’s still very hard to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to make it you need to follow some rules. In this article, we’re talking about some of the things that you must do to make it. Follow up and learn all about it!

Buy some followers

Some might think that it’s wrong but think about it. Are you going to follow and listen to someone’s music if they have no followers at all? Of course not. That’s why you have to create an image of yourself as an someone who is already successful.

Consider this a part of your music marketing. Getting followers, likes, and shares are all a part of this. You can’t be taken seriously unless people see that you’ve been recognized already.

Don’t worry about this, everyone is doing it. Do you think that major artists we all know today started from scratch and people recognized their talent? No, they had a great marketing plan and an excellent manager who made them successful. Being talented is great, but it takes a lot of hard work not just in the field of creating, but in marketing, managing, and everything else.

Do great stuff

No matter what you do in the field of marketing and how good you do it, it will all go to waste if you have no quality music.

It is best if you hire an agency to do the rest of the work while you focus on creating. If you have a vision and an idea of what your music should be like, go ahead and do it. Forget about everything else. Invest in the marketing and let it be done by someone else while you do what you do best and love the most.

It’s important not to upload every piece you make. People will get bored if they see and try to listen to everything you upload. Only publish your best work. This way, the fans will get the best idea of your work. They’ll think you only do amazing work, which is the same for every single artist out there.

Do you think that Rihanna or Kanye West only create state of the art compositions? Of course, they don’t. Still, until their creation see the light of the day goes through a harsh management system which decides whether something’s good or not.

Use tags

To be recognized and seen, you can use tags and hashtags. Doing this will put you on the map with all the other successful artists.

The public often likes to browse for new interesting stuff that is sorted by a certain hashtag or a tag. For example, if a certain listener love to see what’s new under the mumble rap category, they’ll open the hashtag with this name and will find every new work done under this category. This means you’ll easily be seen.

Answer to comments

It doesn’t matter if you’re already big or not, taking care of your fan base is really important. This will make you important in the eyes of the people who might later become your huge fans and additionally promote your music.

That’s why you need to interact with the public. Every comment needs to be answered and every mention must be appreciated. Make sure you put yourself in the bright light out there so everyone can see that you’re down to earth and ready to show your love for the fans.


Blogging is powerful. People running blogs that understand and follow new music artists are very influential. It’s important to make good connections with them.

If it happens to be offered a collaboration, you should never miss the opportunity. Also, make sure no comment and mention from bloggers are not left unnoticed. Always share and be friendly with them because they might be the ones who will be responsible for your future in the industry.


The most important thing about becoming a success on Soundcloud is showing the picture of success along with doing great work. You can’t make it without creating some great stuff and you also can’t make it without doing some marketing magic too. Learn more about SoundCloud here.

There are lots of little tricks that make the game big. You can’t think of all of them at the beginning but you have to follow the basics. If you manage to take care of the things mentioned above, you’ll be good to go.

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