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Nashville TN Male Strippers: How to be one?

Becoming a dancer or stripper is not that easy. In most cases, clubs are looking for more help. If you have considered the advantages, ramifications and benefits of this job and decided that you want to go for it, you need to read this article.

Look for the right club

If you are looking for a good club, you have to visit them personally. It is a good idea to take days or weeks off of your regular working schedule and go around the city or town to check out the places that you are considering auditioning for. You can go incognito and take a friend with you if possible.

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You need to get the feel of the clientele and the environment before you spend and dedicate your life and time in this business as an employee. If you see a bar or club is letting a lot of rules slip, you need to go to another bar or club. You don’t want to work in a bar or club where there is a big chance that harm will come your way, or the employees are not treated well. There are three types of strip clubs:

Upscale type – These clubs have a proper dress code and you are usually expected to wear appropriate attire that falls somewhere between sexy outfits for men to evening wear. They typically have high club fees and full support staff that employees expected to give tips out. Generally speaking, at least 10% to 20% of tour total income for the night.

These clubs are usually filled with businesspeople, as well as city dwellers who like to go to upscale establishments, so you need to match their demographic and spend a lot of money with costumes. For the record, these bars and clubs tend to be a big business and a lot of entertainers working every night.

Neighborhood clubs – These kinds of clubs are more laid back and usually attract tourists and locals alike, depending on their location. You can be more flexible with your themes and costumes at these kinds of establishments. It is usually an excellent place to start your career if you are new to dancing and stripping.

Most of these clubs are located in industrial areas and neighborhood bars with nude or topless entertainment. For example, if you are looking for a place for a bachelorette party male strippers in Nashville TN, these establishments is the best place to start your search.

Dive or third-tier bars – These establishments are usually located in towns or rural areas and typically have fewer clients than most types of bars or clubs. Most of them are very lenient with the rules and the hiring process. Usually, because of this leniency, these types of bars and clubs attract a rougher crowd.

Ask a lot of questions

Once you find potential clubs that you want to work in, ask some workers about their experiences working on that establishment. Do they charge working in the club? Is tipping required? If tipping is expected, how much does the club gets?

If they will take at least half of your money every night, probably it is not worth it to apply on that establishment. If you have interest and time, you can ask a couple of guys working there about the working environment. The broader sample you can get, the more likely you can get a truthful answer.

And also, ask the guys where they get their costumes. You also need to find the manager of the club. If the employee you are talking to makes the place sound very promising, ask the employee to point you to their manager. Once you find the manager, you can let them know you are interested in working in that club and would like to audition.

You need to ask essential details like the time and date of the audition, how long will it take, what clothes you need to wear and ask the manager if they are the only manager working on that establishment. Once you get all the essential details, feel free to win them over with your personality and ask more questions in regard to their rules, regulations and protocols. If you are feeling inquisitive, you can ask the same questions you asked the employees to make sure that you are getting the truth.

What do you need to get started?

First, you need to do is to assemble your wardrobe. You need to buy stripper wardrobes in porn stores, catalogs and different websites that offer clothes appropriate for this kind of job. Make sure you are aware of all the laws where the club you are working is located. Some states expect strippers and dancers to wear certain types of underwear.

You need to get a better look at the situation you are in. Sit down with a cup of coffee and think if this is the job that you want to do for a long time. Some people are being ostracized by the people they know for being a dancer or stripper in a club.

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Are you ready to deal with all the psychological consequences brought upon by working in this kind of industry? Not only that, money is not a guarantee. If you are good at what you are doing, you can make at around $500 during the day and more or less $1,000 during your night shift, depending on the location of the bar.

But if you don’t know how to sell your services or handle yourself, you may go back to your home with no money in your pocket and debt under your name. It’s not carved in stone that if you work in a strip club and you are a good-looking dude, you will make a lot of money. You need to keep in mind that the competition in this industry is very fierce.

Yes, this job is based mostly on looks, but some guys look like models who can leave the strip club with no money at all. Most people who start stripping don’t realize that this job is a sales job where the employees are selling their time, attention, and most importantly, your dances for money. You cannot just show up in a club and phone in to make good money.


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