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Visit Strip Club To Enjoy But Not To Find A Date

Many of you must have gone to a strip club at least once in your lifetime to enjoy some adult fun and have a drink with few strippers. However, if you deem that you will find a date at such a place then you must think again.

Most of the strippers that you will find at Bucks Cabaret or any of the strip club are only girls who pursue this career to earn a living. If you want to be friendly with them offer them a good tip, some may be sweet with you.

Visiting the strip club is just a waste of time if you are searching for a date or a girl-friend. Below you can read what a few strippers, think about guys, who go in search for a date at the strip club. These are a few of the statements made by these stripper girls.

  • If their wallets are heavy, then I am ready to get laid only if the guy is ready to pay.
  • If any man is ready to take me in the VIP room in the next 3 minutes after meeting, then I know that I can get as much money we demand.
  • If they try to be cozy with me I try to grab as much money, he has in his wallet.
  • We ask for their phone number, not that we will call them but just to trap them to get more tips.

They may look sweet and engage you in conversation as long as they expect that they can extract money from you. You can never make them your friend or your sweetheart.

If you ever try to tell them that you are the first-time visitor to strip club though you may be a regular one, she will immediately identify your lie. She has met so many like you before and she can make out who is fooling around with them.

All the strippers have joined this profession only to earn money. They have their personal life, which they will never share with anyone. If you try to be friendly with them, they may tell you some stories to make an impression.

One thing to remember is that a few performers tell fake stories like guys. Some of the girls even deny spending time with you the next time meet her again and remind her about your last meeting.

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