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Why You Need A Marriage License

A long time ago, a lot of people married and it was considered a foundational step in starting a family, but over the years, it has declined by about 72%. Being that, it is estimated that over half of America’s population are not married. A large percentage of unmarried couples live together nonetheless, and this is because they feel there is nothing special about marriage as well as a marriage license.

Just as some say this, others still see the need for it and the rest just require a little reassurance of the benefits of a marriage license, and it isn’t just a piece of paper as some might think. There are actually quite a lot of good reasons to get married, and they are:

Marriage Helps In Keeping You Happy

No doubt you can live your life to the fullest as a single person but knowing you have the love of your life by your side who loves and supports you unconditionally is one of the ways to put you in a happy and relaxed mood. Studies have claimed that people in a happy and working marriage tend to be more productive than singles or divorced couples.

Marriage Can Be Beneficial To Your Health

You might be wondering just how getting married can make a person healthier, but the truth is, companionship goes a long way than the eyes can see. It has been estimated by a study that married couples tend to outlive those who never got married. So with that being said, it is safe to call marriage a life saver.

It also helps in reducing a lot of condition which could affect you mentally and emotionally. When it comes to doing with sex, a result has shown that sex amongst married couples is a lot better than sex amongst singles. It is also a lot safer having sex with one partner than multiple, and since you get to have sex frequently, you get to burn more calories.

It Is A Lot Better For Training Children

Marriage is a healthier environment for training kids if marriage is good. Kids are sensitive to the environment, and the more love and care they get shown to them helps in nurturing them to be better persons. Reports have claimed that children with both parents in a home tend to do better in school both in academics and sports. They also have fewer chances of getting into trouble and doing drugs, and so much more.

So with all these, you can see the benefits of getting married, however, what is the importance of getting a marriage license?

A Marriage License Comes With Its Own Rights

A lot of legal benefits come with getting married although marriage isn’t centered on that. Having a marriage license gives you the right to Medicare, spouse’s social security as well as disability benefits. When you are married, you can make important medical decisions for your partner. You can also apply to be a step parent of any child they might have had before getting married to you. Other things you can do include renewing leases on behalf of your spouse.

In a situation where they die, you can consent to any after death procedure as well as make the burial arrangement and you are entitled to their retirement funds and workers compensation.

Other financial benefits of getting married include the fact that you can get tax deductions, which can be beneficial for so many reasons In the future. You can use it as a Tax shelter is, in the long run, your partner and you lose a lot of money in cases of business.


So as you can see, marriage isn’t just a flimsy union, and a marriage license is more than just a piece of paper. So when you are considering getting a marriage certificate or not, go through these benefits and so much more. As long as the marriage is working well, it has a lot more advantages than staying single or being divorced.  You also get to live with the love of your life and make a happy home for a lifetime, and nothing beats that.

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